Firing Pin Blocker Causes Safety Issue

by Tommy Grant

During routine maintenance, IWI identified an issue with the firing pin blocker, causing the company to issue a safety recall notice on the Carmel rifle. The company has stated that there have been no incidents, and it was identified in-house. However, the mandatory recall affects 1,094 rifles. IWI asks that you discontinue use immediately (if you fall within the serial numbers) and return your rifle for repair.

IWI Carmel Rifle Safety Recall

As stated, the recall affects 1,094 Carmel rifles that fall within the serial number range CH001385 – CH003328.

The serial number is easily located on the left side of the rifle just forward of the bolt catch. This recall does not affect any other IWI products other than the Carmel rife.

Owners of a rifle within the affected range have two options to correct the issue at no cost to them.

  1. First, IWI has a form and further details on its website to initiate the return of the rifle.
  • Second, you can call IWI US, Inc. Customer Service at 717-695-2081 and have the rifle’s serial number available.

Both options will begin the process, and IWI Customer Service will send shipping instructions and a pre-addressed shipping label within 1-3 days. Once you receive the shipping label, remove the magazine from the rifle and clear it of all ammunition. Then place the rifle into a box for shipping and affix the return label.

IWI states that you can ship the rifle in the original box. However, the company suggests that you place that box into a larger box for protection during shipping. IWI has shipping cartons that fit the original rifle boxes and will return your rifle in a well-padded carton.

If you do not have the original box, any disposable box will be fine. However, the company requests that you not ship it in personal bags or cases. Any personal bag or case will be shipped back separately and will incur an additional shipping fee.

 Once IWI receives the rifle, it will be repaired and returned within 4-6 weeks.

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