First Look: B&T Rotex-SF HUB

by Tommy Grant

A quick look at the Rotex-SF, a new suppressor HUB device from B&T.

Those closely monitoring suppressor developments may have noticed B&T and SureFire share compatible mounting interfaces for their rifle suppressors, providing both manufacturers’ customers with additional options.

B&T recently released a HUB device called the Rotex-SF constructed of titanium that’s fully compatible with all 1.375x24TPI HUB-capable suppressors on the market. This accessory HUB is compatible with all B&T Rotex flash hiders, as well as all SureFire SOCOM flash hiders, muzzle brakes and WarComp muzzle devices, and it’s simply threaded into compatible suppressors and quickly snugged up with a spanner wrench.

The Rotex-SF HUB will ship standard with all B&T Rotex and SRBS rifle suppressors and will also be sold as an accessory item for those wishing to mount their Dead Air, SilencerCo or other HUB-compatible suppressors to muzzle devices from B&T or SureFire that they may already own. With an MSRP of $355, this is an excellent and easy to use option.


B&T USA also recently released a new collection of suppressors that provides a selection of their 600-plus suppressor models offered globally into more of a bite-size selection called “Mainline.” This is designed to aid customers in selecting the right suppressor for their intended uses.

The new rifle suppressors are made up of their traditional baffled Rotex and hybrid Slim Reduced Backpressure System (SRBS), and both are available in 5.56 and 7.62. The 5.56 Rotex suppressors are available in three sizes, while 7.62 and SRBS models are offered in compact and full-size variants.

Each suppressor is constructed using laser bed fusion manufacturing techniques and are available in 718 Inconel or 100 percent titanium. Both suppressors are fully 3D printed, completely weldless and are HUB compatible. This means they’re threaded in 1.375×24 TPI, making them compatible with most other manufacturers’ attachment HUBs and giving users the choice of muzzle devices they want to use.

Each rifle suppressor will ship with a Rotex-SF HUB compatible with all B&T Rotex flash hiders and all SureFire SOCOM flash hiders, muzzle brakes and WarComp hybrid muzzle devices. The Rotex-SF HUB is machined out of titanium bar stock. Direct Mount HUB assemblies are available in Inconel or titanium.

Two features stand out with these new suppressors. The first is the weight; the full-size Rotex 7.62 Titanium model weighs a mere 6.9 ounces with a direct-thread HUB. The second is the price—all Rotex Inconel suppressors retail at $775.

Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared in the Suppressor Special 2024 issue of Gun Digest the Magazine.

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