FN 15 Military Collector Series Adds M4, M16 Uppers & Stripped Receivers

by Tommy Grant

The new FN 15 Military Collector Series Receivers gives shooters a chance to build from scratch or convert their AR-15 into a classic-looking military carbine. The series launches with complete M4 and M16 Upper Receivers, along with replica stripped lower receivers. The components comprise authentic M4 and M16 replicas, built right where the U.S. military rifles came from in Columbia, SC.

FN 15 Military Collector Series Receivers

M4 & M16 Upper Receivers

The FN 15 Military Collector Series M4 and M16 upper receiver assemblies replicate the originals and come ready to drop onto a lower receiver. Each assembly utilizes a chrome-lined, button-broached barrel with 1:7 twist and chambered in 5.56x45mm. The Mil-Spec bolt, machined from Carpenter 158 steel, features high-pressure proofing and magnetic particle inspection. Each assembly also comes with the iconic Knight’s Armament rail system with adapter covers, along with Mil-Spec backup sights and a vertical foregrip.

FN 15 Military Collector Series Stripped Lower Receivers

Tailored after FN’s production of U.S. military-issued carbines, the replica stripped receivers provide a great start for your next build. Forged from 7075-T6 aluminum, FN machines each lower to Mil-Spec standards. The receivers come anodized, and each bears markings inspired by FN’s U.S. military production M4 and M16 receivers. Missing only the select-fire option of the military, each semi-auto receiver brings authentic reproduction of the classic DoD contract carbines.

FN 15 Military Collector Series Stripped Lower Receiver.

The stripped receivers retail for $154; complete upper assemblies retail for $1,682. For more info, visit fnamerica.com.

Editor’s Take:

We’ve seen FN release some pretty nice builds via the Military Collector Series over the years, including full version of the M4, M16, and even a civilian-version of the famed M249S. But the addition of the receivers adds a build component for DIY’ers out there. Modern AR-15 builds can get pretty high-end and very mission specific, whether for hunting, competition or defense. But we’re fully onboard with having a few throwback carbines in the safe as well. They make great range guns, and the M4 and M16 variants remain viable options for home defense and more. So throw on an upper or build from the start; you can almost hear that DI yelling at you now!

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