Home is Where the Range Is

by Tommy Grant

Training is a fundamental necessity for those who rely on firearms as a means of personal protection. However, it can be easy to fall into patterns of slacking off about going to the range. Thankfully, there are solutions on the market that can bring the gun range to you. If you want to take the initiative and strengthen your shooting technique, all in the comfort of your home, look no further than the Mantis X10 Elite. 

What Is the Mantis X10 Elite? 

The Mantis X10 Elite is a training system designed to help improve your shooting performance. It does this by analyzing the movement of your firearm during each trigger pull.

Compared to other MantisX systems, the Mantis X10 Elite has three times the battery life, a quick detach system, is 50% lighter, and can analyze your holster draw and recoil. This system can be used during live fire, dry fire, or airsoft. Likewise, it is compatible with pistols, shotguns, rifles, and even archery.

The kit itself includes a hardcover case, the Mantis X10 Elite sensor, a BR7 Barrel-Mount Picatinny Rail, a Universal MagRail Adapter, a USB charging cable, and a quick-start guide. Its MSRP is $249.99.

How to Use the Dry Fire Training System

Before you can begin using the training system, you have to download the MantisX app. It is available on the App Store or Google Play. The app has many different drills, courses, and even a daily challenge you can complete to better your shooting skills.

To connect to the app, press the power on the sensor and wait for the green light to activate. The sensor itself easily attaches to the Picatinny rail or the bottom of the magazine using the MagRail adapter. For shotguns or rifles, you can attach the sensor to the BR7 Barrel Mount Picatinny Rail. 

The Mantis X10 Elite app reminds shooters to practice safety before dry-fire training.

First Impressions of the X10 Elite

As much as I wanted to dive in and begin a training session, I first had to attach the sensor to the firearm. In my case, I was using a Taurus GX4. The GX4 doesn’t have a Picatinny rail, and I had to attach the sensor to the magazine using the MagRail adapter. So, I pressed the attachment firmly against the bottom of the magazine and let the adhesive cure for 24 hours.

The Mantis X10 Elite sensor is installed via Picatinny rail or on the magazine via the MagRail adapter.

To my surprise, the adhesive holds up wonderfully, and I have yet to have any issues with it. However, I recommend using a spare magazine if you need to use this adapter with your firearm. This way, you do not have to worry about removing it.

Mantis does state that it is okay to remove the attachment. In my personal experience, I have had no problems reattaching the adapter when needed.

Moving on to the app, it had to be my favorite feature of this performance system. It was easy to navigate and had plenty of drills and courses to entertain you for hours on end.

After playing around on the app, I learned that this system focuses on three different ways to improve your shooting. Specifically, by scoring your movement, displaying your possible mistakes, and showing a map of your movement before and after each trigger pull. 

The app provides a map of your firearm’s movement during your shooting session.

Real-Time Shot Analysis

As a beginner shooter, it is hard to tell what you are doing wrong. That is unless you have someone telling you the mistakes you are making. But that is not always an option.

I am and will always be a hands-on learner. Through this system, I found that analyzing each shot, reading my mistakes on a screen, and seeing a map of my movement when shooting is one of the best ways for me to progress.

The app provides a detailed analysis of your top trigger control problems.

More importantly, I loved the ability to move at my own pace. Likewise, I did not feel any pressure to be at a certain skill level.

I will note that I only evaluated this performance system while dry firing. However, based on my great experience with it, I cannot wait to bring it to the firing range. Nonetheless, the Mantis X10 Elite was easy to use, educational, and a fun way to prioritize my training.

Closing Remarks

While training is meant to be taken seriously, that does not necessarily mean it cannot be enjoyable. After all, tools that promote self-progress while having fun are great motivation to make training an active part of your day.

Whether at home in your sweats or at the range, the Mantis X10 Elite will make training day fun. As a result, it will help you become the best shooter you can be.

For more information, please visit MantisX.com.

The author improved her shooting skills through dry-fire training with the Mantis X10 Elite.

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