Langdon Tactical Beretta Tomcat Upgrades EDC Pistol in 32 ACP

by Tommy Grant

The folks over at Langdon Tactical Technology know a thing or two about shooting. And they do some serious upgrades to Beretta pistols. Led by accomplished competitive shooter Ernest Langdon, we’ve covered multiple Beretta upgrades from Langdon Tactical in recent years. The latest masterful upgrade brings a well-appointed take on the popular Beretta Tomcat in .32 ACP.

Langdon Tactical Beretta Tomcat

The Beretta Tomcat comprises a titling barrel system, chambered in the .32 Auto cartridge. The Langdon Tactical Beretta Tomcat features a trigger job, RDO cut and rear slide bevel. Finishing to the slide and an Cerakote finish complete a unique look in FDE. The p

“Customers have asked us for years to work on the Tomcat, and in 2022 we jokingly released an April Fools post suggesting that we had started doing so, however it was just a joke” said Vice President of LTT, Aimee Langdon “but then the likes, comments, and messages started rolling in with thousands of customers begging us to make it a reality. Today, we have.”

The full upgraded pistol retails for $649, without an optic. Custom Gun Work from Langdon Tactical starts at $140. For more info, visit

Langdon Tactical Beretta Tomcat Packages

  • Tomcat by LTT with Trigger Job and RDO Cut: $649
  • Tomcat by LTT with Trigger Job, RDO Cut and SIG Romeo Optic: $699
  • Tomcat by LTT with Trigger Job, RDO Cut and Holosun 407K Optic: $849
  • Tomcat by LTT with Trigger Job, RDO Cut and Holosun 50K Optic: $920

Editor’s Take:

We love Beretta pistols around here. And Ernest Langdon and Langdon Tactical make really good Beretta pistols even better. He brings decades of military and competition experience into every single component upgrade and build. All you need to do is pull the trigger to fully immerse yourself into the experience. Upgrading the Tomcat brings an interesting choice. The mighty mite certainly has its fans; now they get a serious upgrade for EDC.

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