Savage Arms Introduces High-Performance Polymer Bipods

by Tommy Grant

Further expanding its brand and product line, Savage Arms introduces two new high-performance bipods. Designed with both competitors and hunters in mind, the bipods come in two attachment options—M-LOK and swivel mount. Likewise, easily deployable with a no-slip footprint helps you get on target fast.

Savage Arms High-Performance Bipods

Constructed of high-strength, lightweight polymer, the bipods are designed for maximum durability and functionality in any environment. Not to mention, at 11 ounces for the M-LOK and 12.5 for the swivel mount, it adds little weight. Likewise, the design easily folds up and deploys, remaining nimble in the field for full versatility, regardless of the scenario.

The bipod is available in your choice of mounting option, including M-LOK or sling swivel mount. Each bipod measures an adjustable overall height of 7.2 – 10 inches, as measured at the pivot point. Correspondingly, the button internals are shielded from debris for smooth operation, while numbered leg positions give you consistent settings.

In addition, when deployed, the bipods provide a footprint of 9 – 11.5 inches, depending on the height setting. Also, high-traction rubber feet ensure no-slip operation, keeping you on target more reliably. Finally, it features a 50° cant adjustment with an adjustable tilt lever.

“We’re building a lifestyle brand around the modern shooter and hunter,” said Beth Shimanski, Director of Marketing at Savage. “Bipods that make training, competition, and hunting easier and more enjoyable are a great extension of our brand. These new options were designed for performance. We’re excited to see these paired with our new and innovative rifles in competitive, training, and hunting scenarios.”


The Savage Arms high-performance bipods are available now with an MSRP of $99.00. For more info, please visit

Savage Arms High-Performance Bipods Specs

Savage Arms High-Performance Bipods.
  M-LOK Bipod Sling Swivel Bipod
Weight            11 ounces 12.5 ounces
Materials & Finish High-strength polymer
Height 7.2 – 10 inches, as measured by the pivot point
Head Adjustments 50° – Cant
Footprint Width 9 – 11.5 inches
MSRP $99.00


  • Effortless one-handed control
  • Rubber feet for unmatched grip in any terrain
  • Lightweight premium polymer blend
  • Ergonomic design for comfort and ease of use

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