Watch the Delta V Gen-2 3MR Assisted Trigger in Action

by Tommy Grant

Well there’s fast, then there’s Delta V Gen-2 3MR trigger fast. The company just dropped a video showcasing the assisted reset trigger and the impressive splits it delivers when running a carbine on the range.

Delta V Gen-2 3MR Assisted Reset Trigger Details

The Gen-2 EMR features a three-mode selector system and precision-engineered assisted reset design. It boasts the only assisted-reset trigger technology on the market today that is expressly approved by the ATF and non-NFA classified, according to Delta V.

The new upgraded design features an improved disconnector engagement surface geometry. It offers smoother, more precise, quicker sear engagement transfer during reset, according to Delta V. The company claims it delivers the shortest rest possible.

The drop-in trigger system installs into standard AR-15 and AR-10 receivers with a Mil-Spec-style fire control group utilizing the small 0.154-inch trigger and hammer pins. The system also includes a proprietary ambidextrous selector. It regulates the trigger’s three operational modes: safe, semi-auto, and Delta V’s patented enhanced 3rd mode.

Firing Modes

In semi-auto, the Gen-2 3MR presents single-stage operation with zero take-up and minimal sear travel. The design minimizes shooter-induced shot disturbance.

But in the 3rd mode, shooters get the fun of the Gen-2 3MR’s positive reset function. This system transfers energy from the bolt carrier through the trigger assembly to engage the hammer sear. Then only a slight forward movement of the trigger finger establishes the reset, making the trigger ready for the next shot.

The adjustable unit enables users to fine-tune the unit. Simply adjust tension in the spring and plunger assembly int he back of the hammer, thereby interacting with the Gen-2 3MR’s reset assist arm.

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Delta V Gen-2 3MR Features

  • Drop-in installation for AR-15 and AR-10 lower receivers
  • Precision tunable positive reset adjustment
  • Match-grade single-stage performance with a 4.5-lb. trigger pull rate to satisfy defense agency requirements
  • Zero initial take-up
  • Imperceptible overtravel
  • Nickel Teflon coated components for durability and lubricity
  • 3-mode billet selector with four selector levers of varying length and thickness
  • Made in the USA

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