13-Year-Old Girl Fatally Shot When Unholstered Gun In Purse Goes Off While Mom Searches For Keys

by Tommy Grant

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE — In a tragic incident in the Edgehill area, a 13-year-old girl lost her life when a .40 caliber pistol negligently discharged from her mother’s purse, causing a fatal gunshot wound.

This incident unfolded inside a residence on Edgehill Avenue, with emergency services responding promptly but ultimately unable to save the young girl, who succumbed to her injuries at Vanderbilt’s Pediatric Emergency Room.

The mother reported that the unholstered firearm was in her purse and discharged while she was reaching for her keys. Currently, no legal actions have been taken against the mother.

This heartbreaking event underscores the critical importance of safe and responsible firearm handling. Firearms, when not properly secured, pose a significant risk, especially in environments where children are present. It is imperative for gun owners to be thoroughly versed in safe handling practices and to ensure that firearms are stored securely and away from reach when not in use.

The responsibility of owning a firearm extends beyond possession to include the diligent prevention of harm. This incident serves as a somber reminder of the potential consequences of negligence and the paramount importance of exercising strict caution and responsibility in firearm ownership and handling.

If purse carry is necessary, a holster should be used, as the firearm should not be freely floating around inside a purse. Additionally, the firearm should be kept in a separate compartment inside the purse to avoid any interaction between the firearm and other items.

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