20 Gauge Beats 12 Gauge as WV Son is Forced to Defend Family Against Father

by Tommy Grant
crime scene

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When an enraged father elevated a domestic disturbance in his West Virginia home to attempted murder by firing a shotgun at his wife, his 15-year-old son turned the tables on him and said “Enough!” with a 20-gauge shotgun of his own.

According to The Gazette, the incident occurred last Wednesday night, March 20, when Maxwell Laham of Rock Cave, W.V., became involved in a fight with his wife that turned physical. At some point, Lahan grabbed a 12-gauge shotgun and fired a shot, but didn’t strike his wife or any other inhabitants—including his juvenile daughter and his son—in the home.

The mother and girl fled the home after being shot at, but Lahan’s 15-year-old son armed himself with a 20-gauge. When his father began to pursue him through the house and aimed his shotgun at his son, the boy opened fire on his father, striking him in the chest and killing him.

The Gazette reports the matter is still under investigation, but at this point, no charges have been filed. Nobody else was harmed in the incident.

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