28-Year-Old Fatally Shoots Stepfather After He Threatened To Shoot Him And Others

by Tommy Grant

LAMPASAS COUNTY, TEXAS — On January 18th, a fatal shooting resulted in the death of 57-year-old William Darrell Crain. The incident, now under investigation by the county sheriff’s office, was reported by 28-year-old Alex Shahan Hyatt at approximately 1:34 p.m.

Hyatt, Crain’s stepson, recounted that Crain arrived at his residence on Country Road 3790 armed with two pistols. He reportedly threatened Hyatt and his absent mother, even suggesting he might shoot himself and Hyatt. During the confrontation, Crain accidentally dropped one of his guns, prompting Hyatt to retrieve his own firearm from a nightstand. Fearing for his and his mother’s safety, Hyatt shot Crain twice, hitting him in the back and armpit.

After the shooting, Hyatt attempted life-saving measures on Crain, but was unsuccessful. Law enforcement officers and Texas Rangers arrived at the scene around 1:49 p.m., where they found Hyatt unarmed and cooperative. A search of Crain’s truck revealed an assortment of weapons and survival supplies, including an AR-15, a shotgun, another pistol, leg irons, handcuffs, and food provisions.

Hyatt was detained for questioning and subsequently released as investigations continue. The preliminary findings from Crain’s autopsy at the Southwestern Institute of Forensic Science in Dallas align with Hyatt’s account of the events.

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