4 Dead, 7 Injured In Illinois Neighborhood Stabbing Spree

by Tommy Grant

ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS — A stabbing incident in Rockford on Wednesday left four dead and seven injured, with suspect Christian Soto, 22, facing multiple charges including murder and home invasion.

Soto, with a prior criminal record of property damage, was arrested shortly after the rampage. Victims included a 15-year-old girl, a 63-year-old woman, and two men, one of whom was a mail carrier. Mayor Tom McNamara praised the bravery of the 15-year-old girl who died protecting her sister and friend.

Soto confessed to police that drug use led to paranoia, prompting the attack.

Witnesses reported chaotic scenes, including Soto allegedly attempting to run over a neighbor.

A vigil has been scheduled, and counseling services are available for affected residents. Authorities urge anyone with information to contact Rockford police.

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