A Friend with Weed A Friend Indeed? Not This Time

by Tommy Grant

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Most stoners are generally fairly chill people, whether they are smoking legal weed or not, but when a group of would-be robbers bum-rushed a San Antonio cannabis dispensary in the wee hours of Saturday morning, they found the employee working the shop to be packing more than just his next bowl.

Police told the San Antonio Express-News they responded to a report of a shooting in progress shortly after 3:30 a.m. at the Purple Dragon Cannabis Dispensary. They said several people appear to have run into the shop to rob it when a 23-year-old employee of the store and one of the bandits, who was 24, exchanged gunfire, harshing everyone’s mellow. (OK, well the police didn’t actually say that last part.)

It was not clear who cleared leather first or squeezed off the initial shot, though it probably went down faster than your high-school pal Kenny bogarting the last hit off a roach. Apparently, weed steadies the hand along with calming the nerves, because both men were found lying in the store with multiple gunshot wounds. When the bullets began flying, the rest of the crooks scattered like witnesses to a mafia hit.

Both men were taken to the hospital with the employee last reported in stable condition and the criminal in critical shape. Police told the newspaper, two guns were found at the scene.

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