‘A RING OF STEEL’: Hired Guns, LAPD Protect Celebs Advocating Gun Control For the Little People at Tonight’s Academy Awards

by Tommy Grant

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Private armed security along with thousands more gun-toting LA cops will serve to protect the glitterati patting themselves on the back tonight at the 95th Oscars award show. Of course, these celebs who love to promote gun control for you and me have to feel safe from lunatics and criminals.

The elites will have their hired guns while they shamelessly try to take our guns. Why, in fact, no doubt the security personnel will use many of the very same scary black guns that are outright banned for sale to the little people in California and in a handful of other states.

The NY Post wrote about security earlier in the week:

A ring of steel has been thrown around the venue for the 95th Oscars which take place on Sunday, after pro-Palestine demonstrators targeted other red carpet events.

The area around the Dolby Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles has been blocked off with chainlink fencing as part of early preparations which will eventually involve thousands of law enforcement and security personnel.

Police and organizers will want to avoid a repeat of the Grammy Awards – when arrivals at LA’s Crypto.com Arena were brought to a halt by pro-Palestinian supporters blocking traffic – by using a security fence as in previous years.

As the event neared, police upped their security detail. Ostensibly they did so to prevent “disruptions” by pro-Palestinian protesters. From the LA Times:

The Los Angeles Police Department said Friday it would increase security outside the Academy Awards on Sunday in expectation of protests, blockades and other attempts to disrupt the ceremony.

Police said they would be ready for any protest that could unfold outside the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, where the 96th Academy Awards will take place. “The LAPD is preparing for all potential protests, including protests regarding the Israel-Hamas conflict,” the department said in a statement.

The Academy Awards will have roughly 2,000 security officers on hand, and LAPD officers will also step up their presence to “prevent disruptions by demonstrators, ensuring a focus on the celebration of cinematic achievements,” the department said in a statement.

Thousands of private security personnel plus thousands more gun-toting cops. All for one show featuring hundreds of self-absorbed celebrities and their plus-ones.

While everyday Americans, especially those in big cities worry about carjackers, armed robbers, and other assorted lunatics preying upon the innocent. Sometimes those victims, like Laken Riley, become well-known. Most of the time though, nobody outside of family and close friends hears about them… and those gun control advocates in the audience at the Oscars don’t care about them either.

Just remember that when you hear those predictable lectures about gun control from Hollywood’s elites.

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