Amend2 Adds Affordable A2-320 17-Round Magazines

by Tommy Grant

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Idaho based Amend2 has been making AR rifle mags for over a decade now, and Glock pistol mags for a good chunk of that time, but they just announced their new A2-320 mags for the 9mm SIG P320 on social media this week.

The A2-320 is a 17 round polymer magazine for 9mm SIG P320 pistols. Other capacities will be coming soon according to Amend2’s social media posts. The A2-320 is made of a sturdy self-lubricating polymer that Amend2 says will allow for smooth feeding, coupled with a non-corrosive stainless steel spring. They have easy take down for cleaning and maintenance by pushing in the 2-shaped button on the bottom of the mag.

Amend2’s A2-320 mags are made in the USA with parts sourced from the Idaho and Utah area, and they’re backed by Amend2’s lifetime warranty. Best of all, they only cost $16.99 each, considerably less than the $40 or so bucks that SIG factory mags typically go for. I don’t have a P320 yet, but one, or at least the fire control unit for one, is on my list so I’ll probably give the Amend2 A2-320’s a go at some point.

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