An Interview With Pure Precision’s Landon Gines on Action Design, Materials, and Accuracy [VIDEO]

by Tommy Grant

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By Mike Semanoff

Growing up with a Remington 700 in my hand, I always loved the feel of a bolt action rifle and the potential accuracy they have. Being 16 years old and obsessed with shooting, my day dreams were filled with Carlos Hathcock aspirations and the perfect 1000 yard rifle.

I remember as a kid listening to guys talking about bedding, trueing, blueprinting, or trigger jobs, to tighten up their groups…but didn’t know what all of that meant and I didn’t have money to do it anyway. Well . . .

Thirty years later I still dream of the perfect rifle, but realize with so many applications and personal preferences, there really is no such thing. Regardless, the desire for precision in a rifle is a process I respect and strive to have in my life. 

I recently had a chance to sit down and interview Landon Gines, a long time rifle builder and now designer at Pure Precision Rifles (formerly Mesa Precision Arms).

In this 20-minute conversation we talk all about action design, the must-have features, materials, tolerances, along with the pros and cons of different design characteristics. Landon just finished designing the recently-announced SKLTN action with John Hakes and Alex Wheeler, so all of this information is fresh in his mind.

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