Armed Man Holds Carjacking Suspects At Gunpoint, But They Get Away And Fire At Him

by Tommy Grant

SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANNA — In a tense pre-dawn encounter on December 30, a Shreveport resident faced a stark reality of urban crime. At 6:18 a.m., the quiet of the 5100 block of South Lakeshore Drive was shattered by gunfire, prompting an immediate response from the Shreveport Police Department. The scene unfolded at the Summer Pointe Apartments, where an individual discovered two would-be thieves attempting to hijack his vehicle.

Taking action, the car owner, who was legally armed, managed to hold the culprits at bay momentarily. The situation, however, quickly escalated as the suspects made their escape in a dark gray vehicle, believed to be a Kia or Nissan. In a desperate bid for freedom, they discharged multiple shots towards the man, turning the peaceful apartment parking lot into a momentary battlefield.

The gunfire resulted in collateral damage, with several vehicles in the vicinity being hit. The armed resident sustained a minor facial injury, believed to be caused by a fragment of a bullet or glass.

The question of defense of property comes up from time to time, and this instance is one that could have had a deadly outcome for the armed citizen. You’d have to make that choice as to whether or not you’re going to risk your life for property, but in my world, it’s just not worth the risk.

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