ATF eForms Back Up! Conspiracy Theories Crushed by Steady Hand of Bureaucracy

by Tommy Grant

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Well, less than an hour after we took our story live about the ATF eForms website going down and noted all the theories of alarm surrounding the alleged sinister plots to stifle gun companies and gun owners attempting to complete legal transactions because of the shutdown, the site was back up.

At 3:59 Eastern Time today, the site was brought back online. Apparently, it was just some technical glitch or an emergency service that needed to be performed because of some other issue. ATF didn’t offer any reasons, only that it was back up.

Either way, allegations it was taken down for good, it was taken down because of the budget, it was taken down to slow down the pace of NFA approvals and firearms manufacturer required paperwork, all appear to be untrue.

In the Q&A on the site, the ATF mentions it is even automatically bundling responses for individuals with multiple requests without them having to specifically request it. Such statements normally suggest an effort is underway to improve customer service.

So, in the words of South Park’s Officer Barbrady, “Ok people, move along, there’s nothing to see here.”

With that, we’ll just wish everyone a great weekend.

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