Attempted Seattle Home Invasion Shows – Once Again – Why You Need More Than 10 Rounds [VIDEO]

by Tommy Grant

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You’ve heard it dozens of times. No one needs more than 10 rounds in a magazine. If you can’t stop a threat with 10 rounds, you’re doing it wrong. Woolly-headed utopian anti-gun activists justify the limits they want to impose on all gun owners as some kind of safety measure that might some day, somewhere, slow down a spree killer who chooses to comply with a gun control law…while he’s murdering people.

Joe Biden went so far as to assert that 100 rounds in a chamber is crazy…whatever the hell that means.

As a recent attempted 2:00am home invasion by three armed men in a south Seattle suburb illustrates, there are a lot of personal defense situations when a standard capacity magazine with more than ten rounds comes in very handy.

From the Auburn, Washington police department . . .

Security footage from the home showed three masked men carrying guns announcing themselves as “Seattle Police” before trying to kick in the door. The homeowner was armed and quickly started firing shots at the intruders through the door. After multiple shots were fired, the three suspects fled.

We don’t suggest using the Biden-approved tactic of shooting through the door as it seems the homeowner did here. While it can be considered justified — depending on the circumstances and what the local prosecutor had for breakfast that morning — it’s not something you want to hang your hat on.

The three home invaders ultimately weren’t convinced to break off their attack until they’d finally kicked the door open and the armed defender shot back…when one of them began to raise his gun.

We counted 14 or 15 shots fired by the home owner. Washington Democrats passed a 10-round magazine capacity limit in 2022. Because common-sense gun reform…or something.

The three police-impersonating thugs couldn’t be reached for comment as to whether Washington’s gun control law affected their choice in weapons early Thursday morning. It obviously didn’t limit the home owner (current owners of standard capacity magazines were grandfathered in when the capacity limit became law).

Gun control kills. It limits or stops law-abiding citizens from defending themselves against those who would prey on them…people who don’t give a damn about gun control laws. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case here, no thanks to the great minds in Olympia who, if they’d had their way, would have limited their victim’s ability to respond in a potentially life-threatening situation.

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