Biden Admin Still Holding Up Small Arms Shipments to Israel For Civilian Self-Defense

by Tommy Grant

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Initial public statements from the Biden administration regime touted their full and complete support of Israel in the aftermath of the barbaric Hamas attacks on October 7th.  The unelected people in the Biden “leadership” team might say they are supporting Israel, but actions speak louder than words. Despite pleas from Israel for small arms for civilian self-defense, the Biden regime continues to block those shipments.

Yes, on paper the shipments have been approved. In reality though, they have gone nowhere. It’s perfect really. The Biden brain trust can claim to support Israel, while behind the scenes they can hamstring the tiny Jewish nation.

Does the Biden administration really hate Jews that much, or is it a burning hatred of the right of the little people to defend themselves?

Or perhaps it’s some of both. reports on Biden’s continued delays, even after 100-plus days since the savage attacks by Hamas.

U.S. delays sale of guns to prevent use by settlers
Biden administration already sanctioning violent West Bank settlers and preventing their entry to U.S. fears providing guns ordered for community security teams would free up arms for Ben-Gvir to deliver to settlements

Israel is experiencing a shortage in the supply of firearms for, among others, community security teams, caused by delays in authorization by the State Department and Congress.

Some 8,350 guns ordered from the Colt’s gun manufacturer and from Daniel Defense, that had been approved in November, have not yet been supplied.

The delays come following a decision by the Biden administration to review sales of guns to Israel amid concerns that they would be used by West Bank settlers, despite assurances from the government that they would not be supplied to settlements.

The Americans worried that the National Security Ministry under far-right minister Itamar Ben-Gvir would provide other weapons to the settlers, if supplied the American purchases, hence the months-long delay, that is in addition to sanctions imposed on settlers by the administration that include a ban on entry to the U.S. for violent settlers.

“Violent settlers” is Bidenspeak for Israelis who shot back in self-defense against the savages trying to kill their families or take them hostage.


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