Bread and Circuses: Senate Democrats Waste Time On A Cheap Election Year Gun Control Stunt

by Tommy Grant

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Wiser politicians and diplomats realize that Otto Von Bismarck was right when he said, “Politics is the art of the possible, the attainable-the art of the next best.” Instead of wasting time on stupid stunts and games, true public servants use their time pursuing things that are both possible given the circumstances and beneficial to the populations they purportedly serve.

But more of the same nonsense in the Senate has clearly demonstrated that the Democrat Party is far more interested in trying to make an art of the impossible, instead opting for cheap political points with another “assault weapon” ban that everyone knew had no chance of ever becoming law.

As Stephen Gutowski at The Reload pointed out, Schumer already knew he didn’t have the votes to pass the law, even if he only needed a bare majority. He also didn’t have a prayer at all of getting 60 votes together to overcome the inevitable filibuster. Even if there was somehow a path through the Senate for the bill, it would never get past the House of Representatives. And then there’s the whole constitutionality issue.

But none of that was the point. Schumer sent the bill to the Senate floor for some legislative seppuku intended to embarrass Republicans in an election year. Knowing that he had zero chance of getting past a filibuster, he tried to pass it by unanimous consent, knowing full well that it only takes one Senator to derail that.

The bill was quickly killed by a lone Republican objecting to its passage yesterday and Democrats and the Gun Control Industry reacted on cue.

The New Republic was characteristically restrained in its reaction to the bill going down in flames . . .

AR-15s are nothing short of civilian-killing machines. As The New Republic’s Colin Dickey noted in his review of American Gun: The True Story of the AR-15, Eugene Stoner’s 1954 invention “exists to extinguish human lives.”

Its popularity within the contemporary American canon comes from an early failure to land its place in the military arsenal that it was designed for, kneecapped by Army bureaucracy that frowned upon a weapon developed out of house.

The gun’s subsequent infiltration of the public sphere has made the AR-15 the bestselling rifle in America. Roughly a third of Americans are estimated to own a gun, according to a 2022 Ipsos poll, while one in 20 U.S. adults are expected to own an AR-15, according to a Washington Post/Ipsos survey that same year.

Further still, the modular rifle has become ingrained in the American consciousness by way of mass casualty events, favored by killers who are looking to do as much damage to the human body as possible.

By propping this sure-loser bill up for Republicans to say “NO,” Democrats were given a talking point. They might as well have said, “We would-a got away with it, too, if it weren’t for those darned Republicans and their dog, Scooby Doo.”

It’s always worth noting that the text of the bill was clearly not going to affect the criminal use of semi-automatic firearms. Thugs and gang members tend not to comply with gun control laws and, just as during the Clinton “Assault Weapons” ban, this one would have had done nothing to reduce violent crime.

As usual, the gun control industry and their political party showed that they’re all flash and no bang. It was all choreographed kabuki. They offered a useless bill they knew wouldn’t pass the Senate, would have died in the House, or would’ve been struck down in the courts…all to produce a campaign talking point.

If they were actually serious about “gun violence,” they’d do as their own experts recommend and fund programs that target the actual causes of violence without trying to deny law-abiding people their right to keep and bear arms. But they have zero interest in any of that.

If anything, this latest stunt hurts their political ambitions. Republican overreach after the Supreme Court decision returning abortion law to the states turned the red wave into a pink splash in 2022, and handed the Democrats some minor gains in off-year elections in 2023.

If Democrats could manage to resist the urge to control every aspect of people’s lives and focus on a few libertarian issues, they’d have better prospects in 2024. Instead, they decided to make it clear to America’s pro-gun majority that they are not our friends.


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