BREAKING: Multiple Victims Reported in Shooting at University of Nevada-Las Vegas

by Tommy Grant

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Multiple victims have been reported in a shooting at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas today. Authorities report the shooter was shot and killed by police and the number of killed and/or wounded isn’t yet clear. Here’s a brief report given by campus and local police . . .

From the AP . . .

It wasn’t immediately clear how many people were shot or their conditions. Sheriff Kevin McMahill did not say whether any victims had been killed.

“There are a number of victims that have been transported to area hospitals,” McMahill told reporters. “So I don’t want to give you false information and tell you how many victims that we have. But we will be providing that update very, very shortly.”

We repeat this every time we report one of these incidents and we’ve never been proven wrong. Early reports in these situations are frequently wrong. There’s always a lot of speculation about the shooter and his or her motives. The number of victims is also frequently wildly inaccurate. We’ll wait until more and better information before commenting further.

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