Causey: Remember, Don’t Shoot Into the Sky on New Years

by Tommy Grant

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When the clock struck midnight, gunshots rang out in my neighborhood and many others across southeastern Wisconsin as the calendar turned to 2024.

We live off 39th and Capitol Drive, and gunfire ranged from the small pop of a .22 caliber round to the rapid-fire succession of a Glock.

While I understand the need to celebrate the New Year, hearing so much gunfire for so long is unnerving. The gunfire lasted for nearly two hours after my wife and I shared our glass of champagne. …

I’m a gun owner, and firing a gun from my porch up in the air to celebrate the new year has never been something that I’ve participated in. It’s irresponsible. …

The Milwaukee Police Department warns people against firing guns into the air on New Year’s Eve every year because those bullets fired in the air come down. All it takes is one of those bullets to go through a window and strike someone.

In fact, a Glendale family found a bullet hole in the wall next to their son’s crib. The stray bullet was located in between their son’s stuffed animals. 

When the gunshots started this year, I opened our living room window and recorded. My wife fussed at me to move away from the windows. When I looked out my window, I could see the flashes of light coming from several of my neighbors opening fire. …

While I don’t want to sound like the grumpy guy on the block who complains about everything, the number of shots fired on New Year’s Eve was disturbing. …

Please stay safe, store those guns. Also, remember, what goes up must come down.

— James E. Causey in Irresponsible. Unnerving. Sound of Gunfire Rang in New Year for Two Hours.

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