Chicago Mayor Settles On a Bold New Crime-Reduction Strategy: Issuing Lots of Reparations Checks

by Tommy Grant

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Try not to laugh at the new(ish) Chicago mayor’s “grand plan” to reduce violence crime in America’s Murder Capital. In a bid to tamp down the rampant violent crime that has only accelerated since his election, Mayor Brandon Johnson proposes using the “full force of government” to solve the problem by…issuing reparations checks to descendants of slaves.

This from the guy who runs America’s largest open-air shooting gallery. In fact, the city of Chicago by itself typically accounts for nearly 4% of America’s homicides while comprising about .8% of the country’s population.

ZeroHedge had the announcement Johnson made to a sympathetic lapdog at CNN:

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson wants to pay off ‘descendants of enslaved African Americans’ with reparation checks every month to end the “cycle of violence” in the crime-ridden metro area run by radical progressives. 

While speaking to Poppy Harlow on “CNN This Morning” Wednesday, Johnson acknowledged Chicago was plagued with out-of-control violent crime and declared that the “full force of government” would solve the crisis. The brilliant idea from the mayor: $500,000 in reparation checks. 

“These are the first dollars spent in this city to begin the process of studying both restoration and reparations,” Johnson said.

He said, “When residents who have experienced neglect and disinvestment for generations speak out of their pain and their trauma, this administration and the Black Caucus we hear you.”

Johnson somehow neglected to mention that the Democrat Party has run Chicago for almost a century. Hence any “neglect and disinvestment” came on his own party’s watch. Furthermore, neither Johnson nor the Illinois Black Caucus had any announcements relating to reparations checks for the families of Union soldiers who died fighting to end slavery.

While Murder City USA’s homicides have eased by about 10% over last year, violent robberies and carjackings have skyrocketed along with most other serious crimes.

In fact, seven people have been shot during armed robberies and carjackings over the past week. From CWB Chicago . . .

Another robbery victim was shot during a holdup on Friday afternoon, Chicago police said, making him at least the seventh person shot during robberies since last Saturday.

But that can’t really be a surprise now that the Land of Lincoln’s new No Cash Bail law releases armed robbers and carjackers back onto the streets without having to post a nickel of bail.

Courtesy CWB Chicago . . .

A man accused of carjacking a 55-year-old woman in River North will be released on an ankle monitor after a Cook County judge rejected a prosecutor’s request to have him detained as a public safety threat.

The woman was outside her car in the first block of West Hubbard when a man jumped behind the wheel and drove away, knocking her to the ground and causing a head injury, around 3:15 p.m. on December 23, according to a Chicago police report.

Hizzoner’s bird-brained idea is being greeted with the degree of ridicule it deserves . . .

Remember, Chicago primarily suffers from gang violence, not “gun violence.” Soft-on-crime politicians, however, prefer to deflect responsibility for their failed criminal justice “reform” policies. Gang members don’t care at all about the rule of law. They illegally posses and brandish guns made illegal-er by Pritzker’s new PICA gun ban. To say nothing of federal laws that prohibit machine guns.

Others flat-out called it what Johnson’s plan really is…a vote-buying scheme financed by the taxpayers.

If Johnson really wanted to bring crime down to civilized levels, he wouldn’t need to reinvent the wheel to do so.

Florida had a violent crime crisis years ago. Then they implemented a 10-20-Life law. Bad guys toting guns in the commission of violent crimes got a 10-year sentencing enhancement on top of the underlying crime. There were no options for plea bargains, probation or early release. That was hard time.

Thugs that discharged their guns picked up twenty extra years, effectively taking them out of circulation for a generation. And if their shots wounded or killed anyone, they got a 25-years to life enhancement, keeping them locked up for even longer.

With a few short years under 10-20-Life, Florida’s firearm violent crime numbers fell to historic lows.

Contrast Florida’s response to real-world Chicago, where armed carjackers are tossed back onto the streets without bail. And where a drunk woman, illegally packing heat, can pull her gun, shoot at others and escape with nothing but a misdemeanor charge.  In Florida she would have been a guest of the Department of Corrections for a minimum of 20 years.

Implementing any programs to hold violent criminal predators responsible for their mayhem would require locking up bad guys.

That’s something the Illinois Black Caucus, Mayor Brandon Johnson and other radicals among the Illinois Democratic party simply refuse to do.

It’s just so much easier to just blame guns and the law-abiding people who own them.



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