Child’s Play: Youth Kills Attacker Who Had Already Murdered One Person

by Tommy Grant

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A double homicide police are investigating in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, has turned out to be at least one part justifiable as the second homicide was committed in self-defense. More astonishingly, the defender was a child, protecting two women apparently caught up as part of a domestic dispute. The attacker had already shot and killed a 31-year-old woman who initially provided shelter to the women and child trying to keep them all safe.

Here are how events played out Sunday, Jan. 7 according to PA Homepage:

According to the District Attorney’s Office of Northumberland County, an investigation was conducted into a double homicide on Malta Road in Lower Mahanoy Township that occurred around 5:00 p.m. Sunday. 

Through further investigation, Pennsylvania State Police stated a fight occurred earlier in the day between two women, including a juvenile, and 47-year-old Tracey Adams. The women escaped and ran to 31-year-old Brandi Hauck’s home, troopers said. 

Police say Adams drove to Hauck’s house, brandished a pistol, and demanded Hauck leave. Adams then shot Hauck in the head through the front door and she died on the scene from her injuries, PSP stated.

Adams forcibly entered the house with the alleged intent to cause death or injury to those inside the home, investigators stated. 

Detectives believe a child, acting in self-defense, shot Adams in the head and killed him while he was shielding the two women behind him.

The DA in the case told news that the child’s actions were justifiable given the situation and the investigation is still ongoing.

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