CIVILIZATION’S THIN VENEER: Haiti Has Fallen, Cannibal ‘Barbeque’ Now in Charge

by Tommy Grant

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Haiti hasn’t always been a completely disorganized craphole. For now though, the Caribbean island nation shows us a real-time example of just how the veneer of civilization is thinner than most people think. With a bona fide cannibal gang leader now in charge, thugs with guns are the law. Given the very unstable nature of daily life, how long will it take for a massive flotilla of boats full of illiterate Haitians to head for America?

No doubt the criminal class in Haiti, not wanting to get cross with the new Head Cannibal in Charge, will be first to leave. The noble concept of women and children first? Not among the criminal class.

Unlike the Haitians who live a largely a hand-to-mouth existence (median income about $1,600) in their third-world hell hole, America has a Constitution that recognizes our God-given right to keep and bear arms. Having an armed populace tends to act as a check and balance against tyrannical leaders who dine on their enemies and thugs with guns running the streets.

Moreover, for those Americans who own firearms and know how to use them, we don’t have to worry so much about becoming unarmed victims of illegal alien bad guys bringing their criminal gang habits with them. Instead of cowering on their knees and begging for mercy from criminal thugs, the gun owner can shoot them. Most people, including criminals, prefer not to be shot and try to avoid it.

Those who don’t own guns in America? Now might be time to reconsider their love of gun control and embrace personal defense, and responsibility, instead. After all, a stern word goes a lot further when it’s backed up by deadly force.

For those who only trust the science: it’s scientifically proven that criminals commit fewer crimes after they’ve been shot.

Our message to the non-gunowners of America: you don’t have to live and die as a defenseless victim. Empower yourself. Get informed. Become a gun owner.


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