Cohen: The Gun Debate is Increasingly Academic

by Tommy Grant

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The best part about the gun debate is that it’s increasingly just academic.

Our victory is assured.

Put aside Bruen, or Heller, or McDonald, or any of the other gun rights victories in courts. Put aside the massive increases in gun ownership, in every demographic.

Right now, there are more guns than people in the US. Tomorrow, that gun/people ratio will grow, as it has for years, and shows no sign of stopping.

Every day, 3D manufacturing technology continues to improve.

You’re already able to make a functioning gun at home, using free, publicly-available printing files. As that technology improves, we will reach the gun singularity, wherein you can make a gun at home of the same or better quality than you’d get from a manufacturer.

Soon after, you’ll be able to print better weapons at home than the meandering bureaucracy at the Pentagon can procure.

We won’t need to be terrorist groups or cartels to get machine guns from the CIA and ATF. We’ll just make our own, and our stuff will be better than theirs.

And thanks to Tor nodes, VPNs and other privacy tech, they won’t even be able to know who’s making them, or where they are.

— Spike Cohen at X (Twitter)

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