Concealed Carry for Women: Groove Life, Groove Belt

by Tommy Grant

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A common barrier to concealed carry, particularly for many women, is a distaste for belts. And it’s no surprise when we’ve become accustomed to the style options of comfortable stretch pants and leggings. Thankfully, many beltless concealment options are available, but the classic Kydex holster secured to a belt is arguably the fastest method for drawing your firearm and one of the best and most comfortable ways to carry.

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with belts throughout my concealed carry journey. After struggling for years with regular women’s fashion belts, I finally concluded that a belt specifically designed for concealed carry is the only type worth using. It not only supports the weight of the gun without sagging but also doesn’t allow it to flop away from your body.

While many concealed carry belts do an excellent job of this, one stands out as exceptionally comfortable—the Groove Belt made by Groove Life. You might consider this the “gateway belt” for those opposed to wearing them.

I’ve been wearing the Groove Belt for about a year, pairing it with a Kydex holster that has a wing. The belt is vertically rigid and does a great job supporting my SIG P365. Horizontally, it stretches just enough that I can move without feeling constrained. This is especially notable when bending down, sitting at a desk or driving for long periods.

The magnetic enclosure on the buckle is both a fun and easy-to-use feature. As a woman who wears midrise and high-rise jeans (where the waistline rests on your torso), I frequently adjust my belt size. Changing the belt size requires extra effort since the extra belt tail gets tucked underneath. However, it’s all worth it for its neat and tidy look. Also, for those who value style, Groove Life has several colors and buckle face plates to choose from.

Oh, and for the guys out there looking for a great looking belt that works perfectly for concealed carry for them as well, Groove Life makes men’s belts with many of the same great features.

Key Groove Belt Features

Secure Adjustment – Boasts a “set it and forget it” design. Once you adjust the belt to the proper length, never worry about it again.

Design – They designed the end to neatly tuck behind the belt. For the occasional rogue fly-away, they’ve added a secure keeper loop.

Premium Materials – Proprietary webbing 29mm wide, rare-earth neodymium magnets and a 380 aluminum allow buckle.

Durability – Designed to not sag or drop, the Groove Belt keeps its form.

Stretch – Engineered with just the right amount of stretch to keep you secure, yet comfortable.

Stays in place – Held together with neodymium magnets. Snaps and latches securely but releases when needed.

For more on concealed carry for women, visit Elegant & Armed.

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