Concealed Carrying Dad Saves Family, Shooting At 2 Armed Robbers In Museum Parking Lot, Striking 1

by Tommy Grant

DENVER, COLORADO — In a frightening encounter at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science parking lot, a family’s day turned chaotic when two armed individuals reportedly attempted to rob them. Oscar Alejandro Mendoza, 21, now faces severe legal repercussions, including four counts of attempted first-degree murder, among other charges, following the incident on December 31.

The situation unfolded when a father, alongside his girlfriend and their two children, were accosted by two suspects described as young Hispanic males. The confrontation escalated rapidly when the suspects, allegedly wielding handguns with extended magazines, demanded valuables and physically assaulted the father. Reacting to the imminent threat, the father, who was legally carrying a concealed handgun, engaged the assailants, returning fire after they shot at him and his family. Remarkably, no family members were harmed during the exchange.

This altercation led to a swift response from the Denver Police Department, who arrived at the scene to discover several casings and evidence of gunfire. Meanwhile, the suspects fled, with Mendoza later arriving at a hospital with a gunshot wound, linked to the crime through surveillance footage.

The event highlights the perilous situations individuals can unexpectedly find themselves in and the critical importance of being prepared and responsible, especially when carrying a firearm for self-defense. The incident underscores the ongoing conversation around public safety, responsible gun ownership, and the rights of individuals to defend themselves and their loved ones.

The case continues to develop as authorities piece together the full narrative of this harrowing New Year’s Eve encounter.

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