Defensive Shooting Leads to Murder Charges, But Not for the Shooter

by Tommy Grant

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A defensive shooting incident in Rock Hill, North Carolina, last week resulted in one woman dead and her girlfriend charged with murder, while the man who fired the shots has been cleared of charges. Police determined the man fired in self-defense.

The incident occurred around 3 p.m. last Wednesday. Samarian Lindsay, 39, was involved in an altercation with a male co-worker after their workday ended. Lindsay, accompanied by her girlfriend, Brittney Reed, 32, got into Reed’s car while the male co-worker entered his own vehicle and began to drive away.

Reed allegedly blocked the co-worker’s car in traffic, knowing that her actions could lead to a dangerous situation. Lindsay then exited Reed’s vehicle, approached the co-worker’s car, and threatened the man with a firearm, according to WSOC-TV and WCCB. In response, the co-worker retrieved his own firearm and shot Lindsay multiple times in the chest.

Following the shooting, Reed assaulted the co-worker by punching him in the face. The co-worker remained at the scene and waited for police to arrive. Lindsay was transported to Piedmont Medical Center, where she later died from her injuries.

Based on their investigation, Rock Hill police determined that the shooting was an act of self-defense and decided not to charge the male co-worker.

Reed, however, has been charged with murder and assault and battery. Police revealed that Reed provided the firearm to Lindsay, knowing that it would be used to confront the co-worker.

“Reed was aware at the time of doing this that a felony act would likely be committed that could result in the death of another person,” the police said according to WSOC-TV. Reed’s bond was denied by a judge.

Officers recovered two firearms from the scene, and autopsy and toxicology reports for Lindsay are pending as the investigation continues.

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