Despite Activist Claims, Maryland Man May Have Shot Trans Woman in Self-Defense

by Tommy Grant

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I know that some regular readers don’t like me that much. I have a nasty habit of not toeing the conservative or the Republican line. I’ve even done things like criticize Marge Green and defend the LGBT community. But, today, I’m going to surprise the people who don’t think I’m fair and even-handed, and take the LGBT community to task.

During the last days of 2023, a transgender woman in Maryland got shot in the parking lot of her apartment complex and died. Looking at pro-LGBT accounts on social media and LGBT websites, you’d think this was a horrific hate crime, “senseless gun violence”, and just more persecution of a marginalized group that’s just trying to live their lives. After all, she liked to tell people to “stay sparkly”, and even opened her home to transgender strangers who needed to stay in Baltimore to get surgeries.

So, the thinking goes, the police should keep this vicious, hateful slaughterer of innocent queers in jail, but if they have to let him go, at least tear his apartment apart to make sure he’s disarmed. The gun control box wine moms have also been trying to use this tragedy to their advantage.

But, the story doesn’t appear to be anywhere near that simple. According to CBS News:

Delen had noticed Lewis walking toward his vehicle and said something akin to “Are you waiting for a food delivery, sir,” according to the charging documents. Delen alleged that Lewis was offended by his remarks, believing that he had misgendered her, and began yelling at him, per court records.

As Delen began to drive off, Lewis followed on foot. He then stopped his vehicle and re-engaged with Lewis—that’s when they got into an altercation, according to charging documents. At that point, Delen pulled out a gun and shot Lewis in the abdomen, per court records.

Exact details on why Brian Delen, a food delivery driver, fired at her were not given, but that’s pretty normal in the wake of a self-defense shooting. Smart people give these details to their lawyers, who then help keep them out of prison, even if that means that they’ll be roasted in the court of public opinion in the meantime.

But, the man’s lawyer does say that they have a pretty solid self-defense case. In support of this fact, the lawyer offered that Delen not only used his own first aid supplies to render aid after the shooting, but also offered no resistance to the police when they arrived, peacefully surrendering his handgun and not resisting arrest in any way. He even had a Maryland WCP (Wear and Carry Permit), which requires training on both marksmanship and relevant use of force laws.

The court also seems to think that his self-defense case is pretty decent. If they didn’t think so, they wouldn’t have released him and only ordered him to surrender any remaining firearms he has.

More details are sure to trickle out in the coming months as this case goes into the legal system and Delen gets a chance to fully tell his side of the story. But, it’s pretty clear at this point that it wasn’t a hate crime and wasn’t intentional persecution of the LGBT community.

Why I’m Not Happy With The LGBT Community’s Response To This

As you probably know, I’d normally defend the community. As a lesbian, I’m part of that first letter, but I have friends who are described by the other letters in the alphabet soup. The average lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender person isn’t a threat to society or even a problem for straight people. The “gay agenda” we all follow normally involves things like going to work, buying groceries, and doing the laundry, just like straight people.

But, like any community, there are some people who aren’t well. I’ve met those folks, too. Some people develop serious mental health issues after being mistreated by society, often including the families they were supposed to be able to trust as children. When left untreated, things like C-PTSD and other mood disorders can be a real problem that ruins lives.

I’ve seen this first hand, and had to defend myself from a transgender person with rage issues once. I almost shot them with a rifle they were trying to steal from me. Now, I’m a little more careful about what transgender people I’ll befriend, and who I steer clear of, because I know to look out for signs of untreated PTSD. I haven’t had any problems with the rest of the community since.

The simple fact is that people with problems need to seek treatment and get control of their issues, not expect society to put up with that nonsense. This is as true for queer people as it is for straight people. That treatment should be more readily accessible, and society needs to get better about not mistreating people to the point where they develop dangerous disorders. Studies show that such mental health issues are not more common than the general population when transgender youth are treated well.

But, don’t mistake my compassionate view on this for a blank check for non-defensive violence. It’s not a hate crime when someone defends themselves from the rare LGBT person who gets violent over something small like accidental misgendering.

I don’t know whether C-PTSD played a role in the death of Meghan Lewis, but it’s not normal to chase and then physically attack someone for something as trivial as using the wrong pronouns.

Instead of normalizing bad mental health and violent behavior to get some cheap political martyrdom win, the LGBT community should instead use this as an opportunity to encourage more people in the community to get help. In the long run, that will do a lot more good for transgender rights and their place in overall society.

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