Does an FFL Have To Log In a Firearm If It Is There Just For The Day To Be Cleaned?

by Tommy Grant

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The short answer is “no.” The NSSF recently wrote, “when a customer takes a firearm in for cleaning or for a quick repair, if the firearm is cleaned or repaired and returned to the customer the same day, it does not need to be logged into the A&D record and an ATF Form 4473 is not required to be completed.” According to the ATF, “the firearms acquisition and disposition (A&D) record, also known as a ‘bound book,’ is a permanently bound book or an orderly arrangement of loose-leaf pages, which must be maintained at the business premises. The format must follow that prescribed in the regulations and the pages must be numbered consecutively.”

If the firearm must be kept overnight or longer, the FFL must log the firearm into the A&D record. If the owner of the gun (the same person who brought the firearm in for cleaning) picks up the firearm, no 4473 is required, according to the NSSF. However, if another person picks up the firearm on the owner’s behalf, they must then complete a 4473 and undergo a background check, simply to pick up their friend’s or family member’s gun.

In this case, the person picking up the gun would leave question 21.a. of the 4473 blank, as the instructions state. That question is, “Are you the actual transferee/buyer of all of the firearm(s) listed on this form and any continuation sheet(s) (ATF Form 5300.9A)?” But in the case of picking the gun up as a favor, you are safe in answering this correctly as no money is changing hands, thus you are not making what is considered a straw purchase.

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