Dramatic Crime Spree Ends When Armed Citizen Shoots Carjacking Suspect

by Tommy Grant

BAY COUNTY, FLORIDA — In a dramatic episode on Saturday morning, a flurry of criminal activities led to the apprehension of a suspect by the Bay County Sheriff’s Office. Dillon Joshua Hutton, 30, from Bonifay, is now facing multiple charges after a dangerous chase and a series of vehicular crimes.

The confrontation began when a deputy from the Bay County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) attempted to pull Hutton over for speeding on Highway 98 on the west end of Panama City Beach. Ignoring the stop, Hutton fled into the Laguna Beach area, where the situation escalated. On 1st Street, Hutton attempted to commandeer an unoccupied vehicle. The vehicle’s owner, however, intervened, shooting Hutton.

Undeterred and injured, Hutton continued his crime spree. He returned to his vehicle and sped onto Back Beach Road, where he attempted another carjacking. The Panama City Beach Police Department joined the pursuit, following Hutton as he collided with three vehicles in an area under construction. In a final bid for escape, Hutton attempted to carjack one of the vehicles he had hit, but this led to his eventual arrest.

Facing severe allegations, Hutton is charged with multiple counts of Fleeing and Eluding, Attempted Car Jacking, Car Jacking and Battery, and Attempted Grand Theft of Motor Vehicle. Further charges are anticipated as the Panama City Beach Police Department, Florida Highway Patrol, and BCSO continue their investigations. Reports indicate that Hutton might be responsible for several vehicle burglaries and thefts prior to this incident.

This case serves as a reminder of the potential dangers lurking in our communities and the importance of vigilance, lawful behavior, and self-defense preparedness. The ongoing investigation by the Bay County Sheriffs Criminal Investigations Division seeks to bring full clarity to this startling chain of events and ensure justice is served.

For those committed to responsible gun ownership and community safety, incidents like these underscore the critical importance of firearm safety and legal awareness in protecting oneself.

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