FBI Director Warns Terror Threat Against Americans In The U.S. Is At ‘Whole Other Level’ Because Of Hamas-Israel Conflict

by Tommy Grant

FBI Director Christopher Wray has raised alarm over the elevated terror threat in the U.S., attributing this increase to the ongoing Middle East conflict. Addressing the Senate Homeland Security Committee, Wray expressed particular concern about attacks inspired by foreign terrorist groups such as Hamas, and also by domestic extremists. He highlighted a recent terrorist attack by Hamas against Israel, noting its potential to inspire similar acts in the U.S.

Wray emphasized the danger posed by individuals or small groups inspired by these events, including homegrown violent extremists. He cited incidents including the arrest of a man in Houston for bomb-making and anti-Semitic posts, and the murder of a Muslim boy in Illinois, which is under federal hate crime investigation.

The FBI Director also pointed to threats from Hezbollah and Iran, noting their history of terror support and recent cyber activities targeting the U.S. His concerns are echoed by other agencies. The White House and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) have reported a surge in antisemitic incidents and threats, with the DHS warning of heightened threats against Jewish, Muslim, and Arab communities in the U.S., urging public vigilance and prompt reporting of suspicious activities to law enforcement.

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