First Look: DuraMag Releases .400 Legend AR Magazines

by Tommy Grant

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I had a chance to shoot a suppressed Gen II Ruger American Rifle in Winchester’s .400 Legend at Industry Day at the Range during the SHOT Show and was impressed. It’s a big .40 caliber round getting tossed down range with 20% more energy and greater penetration than a .30-30, putting it on par with a .450 Bushmaster. It still has 20% less recoil than the .450 though, and 55% less recoil than a 12-gauge slug. At 100 yards, it’s maintaining 100% more energy than a 12-gauge slug, too. While I liked the Ruger I shot just fine, I immediately starting thinking about it in an AR platform. I built a .350 Legend AR last year and have been really impressed with how it shoots, so after SHOT I started looking into .400 options.

As it turns out, we’re still kind of early for .400 AR parts. A lot of the components are standard AR, but barrels and mags are a little trickier to find. Well it turns out that DuraMag has you covered as far as mags go. They just announced on social media this week that they’re releasing 5- and 10-round magazines specifically built for the .400 Legend.

They aren’t showing on their website yet, but should be available shortly. I asked about 20-round mags, too, because who doesn’t want 20 rounds of .40 cal rifle ammo? They said that’s already in the works as well.Since they aren’t listed yet, prices aren’t fixed, but if we look at the price of .350 Legend mags they’re going in the $22 to $26 dollar range depending on capacity, so I imagine we should be somewhere in that ballpark.



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