Former Mayoral Candidate Shot Dead in Defensive Shooting

by Tommy Grant

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In what is a case of “should’ve seen this coming,” a former mayoral candidate in Soso, Mississippi, who was going through a bitter divorce was shot outside his ex-wife’s home the day after Christmas, the Laurel Leader-Call reported.

Jason Adam Marshall, 41, was pronounced dead after being shot by his brother-in-law, Christopher Davis, in what police are investigating as a case of self-defense. Marshall was accused of coming on to his wife’s property in violation of a restraining order just before 4 a.m., Tuesday, Dec. 26, 2023. When his ex-wife’s brother confronted him holding an AR-15, the trespassing ex-husband reached for his own 9mm and was shot by Davis.

Police reported the couple’s three children were inside the home at the time of the shooting.

The shooting was the culmination of a lengthy divorce battle where Marshall’s wife, Constance Hope McRae Marshall, was given temporary custody of the children, the newspaper reported. In October, Marshall was ordered to obtain a psych evaluation in order to hopefully have his rights restored. At the time of the shooting, there are no records to show that order had been lifted or those rights restored.

It apparently wasn’t the first time the dispute turned violent.

Last February, the Leader-Call reported, Marshall allegedly loaded a gun and threatened to kill his brother-in-law who lived next door to the home he had shared with his wife for 12 years before moving out. A month later, he reportedly threatened suicide with a firearm while his kids were home with him.

Marshall had alleged his ex-wife used illegal drugs and made illicit videos in court filings, but none of that was ever proven. Prior to their divorce, the sheriff’s department had been called out to their home three times in four months.

Marshall had served as a volunteer firefighter in the area, as well as an alderman in Soso. He also owned a disaster relief company according to an earlier Leader-Call story when Marshall was running for mayor in a recent special election. According to the news outlet, he received only five of 137 votes in his bid to become mayor.

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