Former MLB Prospect Busted with So-Called Ghost Guns, Faces Federal Charges

by Tommy Grant

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Christopher Machamer, 26, a former MLB pitching prospect who was drafted by the Boston Red Sox in 2018 and played for their High-A affiliate Greenville Drive until his release in 2020, was arrested by FBI agents who searched his home and found what has been described as “untraceable AR-15-style guns.” Machamer lives in North Canton, Ohio, and attended the University of Kentucky where he played baseball before being drafted. He also played for the Lowell Spinners, a former Class A short season minor league team in Massachusetts.

Cleveland’s 19 News reported the former ball player was arrested after the FBI searched his and his parent’s homes and report they found the below items.

Found in Machamer’s home was:

  • an AR-15 rifle with a barrel measuring approximately 9 ¼ inches, with the serial number removed
  • an AR-15 lower receiver with an obliterated serial number
  • 10 AR-15 rifles with barrels measuring approximately 9 ¼ inches, bearing no serial numbers
  • nine AR-15 lower receivers, bearing no serial numbers
  • one drill press (covered and surrounded in aluminum shavings)
  • two “Ghost Gunner” brand CNC mills (both containing aluminum shavings)
  • 25 serialized AR-15 style lower receivers

Found in a safe owned by Machamer at his parent’s home:

  • five AR-15 rifles
  • two short barrel shotguns
  • six handguns
  • eight suppressors
  • one AK-47 lower receiver
  • $3,000 in United States Currency

To be clear, not all of those items are illegal to own or possess. However, Machamer has been charged with possession of a firearm with an obliterated serial number, receiving or possessing an NFA firearm not registered to the possessor in the NFRTR and manufacturing a firearm in violation of the NFA.

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