Former State Senator Darren Bailey to Governor Pritzker on Gun Ban Registry: ‘I Will NOT Comply’

by Tommy Grant

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Darren Bailey says enough is enough. Not only is he like 99.4% of Illinois gun owners not complying with Governor JB Pritzker’s new gun registration mandate, but he’s publicly posting his refusal. Bailey, the former Illinois State Senator and current Congressional candidate boldly touts “I will not comply” in a series of social media posts.

Bailey then doubled down on New Year’s Day.

What’s more, following the New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day announcements, complete with photos and video, Mr. Bailey’s had a full schedule of media interviews on Tuesday, Jan. 2nd. Like this one with Greg Bishop of Bishop On Air:

Bailey’s public refusal to toe the line puts Governor JB Pritzker in a bind.

Pritzker’s desires to run for the Democratic nomination for president is the worst kept secret in our state for a couple of years now. With each day of declining mental and physical acuity of President Let’s Go Brandon, another JB gets more and more excited for his prospects. On top of that, the Democrat National Committee’s convention will take place in Pritzker’s hometown of Chicago later this year. What better way, at least to Gov. Pritzker, to show off his fine leadership skills.

Governor Jelly Bean has checked off all of the radical left boxes when it comes to politics, including signing into law the nation’s first “No Cash Bail” law and a gun and magazine ban.  Pritzker’s so-called “Protect Illinois Communities Act” law bans a whole lot of the most effective, best selling self-defense firearms and the magazines that feed them. This includes most magazine-fed, semi-automatic rifles, many semi-automatic shotguns and semi-auto handguns with threaded muzzles or that accept magazines anywhere except in the grip. It even bans “accessories” and .50 BMG ammunition.

Existing owners could keep their guns if they registered them by the end of last year.  Unfortunately for JB Pritzker, the People of the Gun in the Land of Lincoln have declined to comply with the registration component of the law. While fifteen thousand had registered with just a week left in the process, millions have not.

And that’s humiliating for our control freak governor.  It also speaks to his leadership skills, or more appropriately, the lack thereof.

And now here comes long-time Pritzker nemesis Darren Bailey to pour more salt onto Pritzker’s sore spot. The Southern Illinois farmer turned state senator needled the governor on China flu mask mandates. Bailey then ran for the Republican nomination for governor, trouncing the establishment Repub’s anointed candidate in the primaries then savaging the billionaire trust fund baby along the campaign trail. Bailey did lose the governor’s race however. Considering he was running against Pritzker’s massive campaign spending, the Chicago Machine and mail-in voting (in the most secure election ever) his loss didn’t come as a surprise. Yet Mr. Bailey still remains a huge thorn under the big governor’s saddle.

Time will tell what Pritzker does to assert his author-it-tay over his political nemesis. Will he send some bachelors from the Illinois State Police down to Bailey’s farm to take Bailey up on his threat to die on his porch before cops seize his guns? Or will the gov ignore Bailey in an effort to keep a bad situation from becoming even worse.

After all, the whole world will be watching if things go sideways at the Bailey farm.

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