Galco Introduces the Revenger Belt Holster

by Tommy Grant

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In a world of polymer pistols and Kydex holsters, it’s nice to see classic steel and leather once in a while. Thankfully, Galco Holsters continues to serve the folks who appreciate classic leather gear, while still keeping their designs current and practical. The new Revenger Belt Holster is a good example of that.

The Revenger is part of Galco’s top of the line Masterbilt series of handcrafted holsters. The Revenger is built specifically for revolvers, and is a lined leather, outside-the-waistband belt holster made from premium steerhide. It’s hand molded and has a reinforced mouth and belt tunnel. It’s an open top holster with the precision molding being the retention for the gun. The holster is cut to allow a full firing grip as you draw, while still covering the trigger guard. It’s available in black or tan finishes and has a neutral cant. It will fit belts up to 1 1/2 inches wide.

The Revenger is currently available for 3-inch Smith & Wesson L frames, Ruger GP-100s and Colt Pythons. MSRP on the Revenger is $259 reflecting its premium materials and hand-crafted construction. It will work as a CCW holster under a jacket but is nice enough to wear openly if you live in a place where the barbecue gun is acceptable. I’ve been working with a Galco Speedmaster 2.0 holster for a 3-inch L frame 686 recently, and it’s an exceptional holster. I can only imagine the work that goes into the Masterbilt line since Galco does a great job even with their standard holsters.

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