Glenn Beck Boils Down the Anti-Gun Left’s Arguments on Gun Ownership and Firearm Exports

by Tommy Grant

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GLENN: Dateline Washington. The Commerce Department is halting exports of most US-made firearms for 90 days, and reviewing its support of the country’s biggest gun trade show to ensure such backing does not undermine US policy interests. Steps that could slow two decades of growth of gun sales abroad.

We go to Stu…Burguiere. Our analyst on guns. And regional gun expert, to tell us what he thinks, the government is actually doing here.

STU: Well, Glenn, guns are evil. And they should be banned. And they not only should be off the streets of America. But be off the streets of the entire world. The sales, of course, also, help gun companies, and improve their businesses. And since we want them all to go away, and the Second Amendment to be destroyed completely. We do not support these exports.


GLENN: Today on the Daily. The government banning gun sales. It could only harm the gun companies. Today, we talk to gun enthusiast Steve Burguiere. About what the lack of guns means. In his life.

STU: Do you ask a question. Or do I just start talking? I don’t know how this works.

GLENN: No. You just start talking.

STU: But you didn’t ask a question.

GLENN: I just said you were a gun nut.

STU: Guns help protect people from, you know, lawless mobs. That, you know, the left continues to empower.

GLENN: So you’re insinuating that black people on the street, or brown people, are lawless mobs.

STU: I said nothing about anyone’s skin color. Why are you?

GLENN: We’re the New York Times. I think we understand what you’re saying, gun nut. Racist. And that’s all the time we have.

STU: I didn’t get a chance.

— Glenn Beck in Is This What the Government’s 90-Day Firearm Export Ban Is Really About?

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