Glockswitches dot com – Internet Scammer or ATF Sting Operation?

by Tommy Grant

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If you don’t know what a GLOCK switch is, you can catch up here, here, and here. Long story short, they’re illegal devices that convert a perfectly legal stock semi-automatic GLOCK pistol into a fully automatic bullet hose. They’re very popular with gang members these days and they’re getting easier to get on the street thanks to inexpensive 3D printing technology.

A reader sent us a link to the a web site called glockswitchs dot com. And yes, you’re looking at that right.

Their logo says GLOCK SWICTH, not switch.

Perusing their site, they appear to sell not only GLOCK switches, but GLOCK pistols and magazines, too. Stay on the site for any amount of time at all and this pop-up appears . . .

That looks a lot like the switches that are/were available through a number of Chinese knock-off sites, but maybe that’s just a coincidence.

The big news, though is that you can get some serious bargains there. Check this out . . .

If you’re not very handy and don’t want to fiddle with installing your own GLOCK switch, glockswitchs dot com also sells GLOCK G18 pistols, the Real McCoy fully automatic handgun that GLOCK actually produces. You can pick one up here for the low, low price of only $500. That seems like a great deal since a G18 parts kit goes for $10,000 at Gunbroker.

The site even has a really helpful chat feature so you can ask questions.

They file all the paperwork and get your switch to you in seven days. Not that’s service.

We can’t decide if this thing is just a run-of-the-mill internet scam that’s out to take as many credit card payments from unsuspecting basement-dwellers before they hightail it out of town…or whether it’s a full-on ATF sting operation.

What’s your take?


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