Grandma Shoots Man Who Broke Into Her House To Evade Police

by Tommy Grant

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO — In Albuquerque’s North Valley, a grandmother defended her 4-year-old grandchild and herself by shooting an auto theft suspect, Joseph Rivera, 32, who had forcibly entered her home twice in a quest for car keys. The incident unfolded on a Friday night when Rivera, now facing charges including burglary and attempted auto theft, demanded the keys, stating he didn’t want to go to jail.

After the first intrusion, the grandmother, initially hesitant to arm herself, led Rivera to a bowl of keys. However, upon his forceful return, demanding more keys, she retrieved a gun.

Fearing for her life and her grandchild’s safety, she shot Rivera as he advanced on her despite her warnings. Rivera, injured, was treated at the scene by the grandmother until police arrived. Currently hospitalized, he awaits jail booking post-recovery.

Rivera, already on pretrial release for a prior incident involving possession of a stolen vehicle and drugs, had missed a court hearing, leading to an issued warrant.

The confrontation occurred following a police chase involving a stolen truck Rivera was driving, ending with him fleeing on foot into the neighborhood where the shooting later took place.

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