Gun Sales Jump as More American Jews Buy Guns for the First Time

by Tommy Grant

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“We are seeing Jewish customers buying their first guns,” Whiddon said. “Overall, we’re seeing about a 30-percent increase in business.” 

State Rep. Esther Panitch, (D) 51, says antisemitism has been rising in recent years on the right and the left and has spiked since the Hamas terror attack a few weeks ago.

“It’s a dark and dangerous time for Jews right now,” Panitch, who is the only Jewish American lawmaker in the Georgia legislature, said.

“I’ve heard from people in the community who are afraid who have talked about other types of self-defense, including firearms,” Panitch said. “I have upgraded my weapons training as a result of what’s going on.” 

— Christopher King in Georgia gun store owners say more Jewish Americans buying guns amid Israel-Hamas war

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