Indy Homeowner Kills Intruder John Wick-Style

by Tommy Grant

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In a true-life example of life imitating art, an Indianapolis homeowner went into full on John Wick-mode Tuesday (Jan. 2) when an intruder forced his way into his home in an attempted robbery gone wrong—at least for the intruder and his accomplices. A short while after being released without charges, the homeowner spoke to Fox59 in Indy and told them how events played out, explaining it was his only option to survive.

“He smacked me in the head with a gun and told me I knew what it was and then I yelled out he’s trying to rob me,” said Brent Smith.

Smith claims he then quickly began to fight with the would-be thief and the pair crashed through a glass table inside his home.

“It was like a movie, me and him wrestling over the gun,” said Smith.

During that struggle, Smith admits he shot the intruder with the suspect’s own gun.

Damon Swanigan Junior, 22, died on the front step of the home, which was then hit by a barrage of bullets from outside. That gunfire damaged the siding, the front door and shattered the windows of a car parked in the street.

“When the gun went off I heard thousands of gunshots,” said Smith. “It was a lot of gunfire man, a lot of gunfire.”

Smith said during that shootout, he grabbed his own gun and returned fire before the suspects in the street drove away leaving behind a pile of broken car glass.

“I didn’t even think them or me. I was just basically trying to survive myself man,” said Smith.

Smith was emotional the news station reported detailing the events and his role in taking a person’s life, even if that person left him any choice.

“That doesn’t make no sense man. I didn’t want to do that,” said Smith. “I don’t know his intention, but I didn’t want to be shot. That’s just all there is to it.”

Sometimes life really is like the movies.

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