It’s Almost as if California’s Myriad Gun Control Laws Aren’t Really Meant to Improve Safety

by Tommy Grant

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Attorney General Bonta’s regulations would be a grievous error. By significantly shrinking the number of eligible and qualified instructors, millions of law-abiding Californians could lose access to the most critical aspect of being a responsible gun owner: education and training.  Furthermore, for Californians dismayed by widespread violent crime in cities across the state, their ability to seek training and a concealed carry permit will be delayed or prevented entirely.  Law enforcement cannot be everywhere all at once, and Americans have a fundamental right to self-defense, which is why this proposed effort to restrict that right is so alarming.

Furthermore, the proposed regulations are poised to disproportionately affect low-income Californians, who possess an equal right to bear arms for self-defense. With a significant reduction in the supply of certified firearms instructors, while nothing is done to curb the rising demand for concealed carry permits, the inevitable result will be increased costs and restricted access to training and education courses. Higher prices and less availability for classes will be acutely felt in low-income neighborhoods.

The inevitable result of Senate Bill 2 and AG Bonta’s burdensome regulations will be that more criminals will have firearms while law-abiding citizens have fewer options to obtain and carry a firearm for self-defense. In doing so, California leaders are creating a tremendous imbalance of power that will embolden criminals and punish responsible gun owners.

There is still time for AG Bonta to reconsider his misguided regulations on eligible firearms safety instructors for state-recognized training. It would be prudent for him to not reduce the number of highly qualified professionals from the concealed carry permitting process and instead enhance the accessibility of critical firearms education and training for Californians statewide.

— Mike Lowney in Proposed Concealed Carry Regulations Will Make California Less Safe

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