Kamala Harris Rolls Out Ministry of Gun Control’s ‘Safer States Agenda’ to Push for Local Level Rights Restrictions

by Tommy Grant

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Back in September, the White House announced that they were establishing a new Office of Gun Violence Prevention. The stated goal? To advocate for and carry out Biden’s executive orders on gun control. But the executive branch already has armies of bureaucrats to do the executin’ and orders are supposed to be based on laws (and their faithful execution). So it’s a redundant effort, or at least one that’s meant to further politicize gun control.

Perhaps more importantly, the new office is under the supervision of VP Kamala Harris. As we all know (or should), Harris is known for her controversial climb up the political ladder in California, where she used an abused anyone necessary along the way. I also probably don’t have to go into details involved in her rise despite having no discernible political skills.

Despite being overwhelmingly (and rightfully) rejected by her own party’s voters, Joe Biden’s handlers decided that putting her a heartbeat away from the presidency behind a guy who doesn’t have that many heartbeats left would be a really good idea.

It its first major push, Harris’ new ministry of gun control is making a play to manipulate the political weather and blow more states in the direction of gun control. How? Via something they’re calling their new “Safer States Agenda.”

“The Safer States Initiative is a White House effort to provide states with more tools and federal support to take life-saving action and reduce gun violence…” the report says. “In the months ahead, the White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention will work with states to make sure they have the resources needed to advance this life-saving agenda.”

But instead of using the federal money-printing machine to come up with these allegedly innovative programs to stop actual gun violence in blue cities, the goals of this initiative mostly sound like the same tired gun control talking points the mid-wit center-left has been pushing for years. “Assault weapon” bans, homemade gun bans, universal background checks to established a gun registry, suing gun manufacturers and dealers into oblivion, and much more are the stated goals here.

The only good thing that might come out of this latest initiative is proven community violence programs that work with frequent victims and offenders to stop the cycle of violence, but Harris has made it clear that gun control is the more important point of emphasis here.

The administration’s Safer States Agenda is pretty clearly a way to give the bumbling Harris something to do to to try to rehabilitate her dismal image so that she can either replace Biden should he pass away or for her own run for the presidency later. Plus, it’s a way to siphon off federal funds and funnel them to anti-gun cronies in the states so they can use it to work against our rights. That may be popular on the anti-gun left, but it won’t do anything to make the Vice President appear any more competent or politically attractive.

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