KelTec KSG410 Trigger Time at SHOT Industry Day at the Range

by Tommy Grant

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KelTec announced the KSG410 a little bit back but they had them at Industry Day at the Range for SHOT 2024 for industry folks to shoot. If you aren’t familiar with it, it’s basically a dual magazine tube KSG shotgun shrunk down to take .410 shells. The smaller diameter tubes make the KSG410 very similar in size and weight to the single tube KS7.

I have a 12-gauge KS7 and it’s a slick, compact shotgun. Its overall length is about the same as my Mossberg Shockwave, but its bullpup design allows for a full buttstock, an 18.5 inch barrel and a 6+1 capacity. Weight is just a hair under 6 pounds. It’s very handy, but recoil is stout with full house loads.

The KSG410 has similar proportions and actually weighs slightly less than the KS7 at 5.28 pounds. It has the dual-magazine tube system of its 12-gauge KSG sibling and holds 11 rounds total, five in each tube and one in the chamber.

Operation is the same as the KSG and similar to the KS7, but recoil is dramatically less. It’s actually pleasant to shoot, and you can get rounds off accurately and quickly with the .410. You pick up four rounds over the KS7 and can put rounds on target much faster. The 12 gauge may pack more punch, but for someone who wants less recoil and still wants to spit out 55,OOO pellets from 11 rounds of 3-inch OOO buck the KSG410 is worth a look. The MSRP is $495, and they’re listed as being available in black, but there was a slick FDE version at the range as well.

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