Man Shot In The Head By Teen After Strangling Teen’s Mother

by Tommy Grant

GREENE COUNTY, MISSOURI — A man identified as Steven Bailey, Jr. survived being shot in the head after he was reportedly attacking the mother of the shooter. Bailey is now facing charges of domestic assault and first-degree burglary, and his bond has been set at $500,000. This incident is not Bailey’s first involvement with law enforcement, as he has been linked to 15 domestic assault cases in the county since 2006 and was previously suspected in an arson case at the same residence.

The shooting was carried out by the woman’s teenage son, who acted in self-defense to protect his mother. According to Deputy Paige Rippee, the teenager has not been arrested or charged as his actions were in response to witnessing a crime. The boy reported that Bailey threatened him during the assault, prompting him to use a shotgun to stop the attack on his mother.

Brandi Bartel, a leader at the Victim Center in Springfield, emphasized the importance of providing support for children who experience such traumatic events. She advises creating a safe space for them to discuss their experiences and stresses the importance of believing what they say. Bartel pointed out that children who go through such trauma may show mood changes, sleep disturbances, or a loss of interest in activities they previously enjoyed. She also highlighted the common, yet misplaced, feelings of guilt that children in these situations often face.

Meanwhile, the woman involved in the incident did not require hospitalization, as reported by Greene County deputies.

The woman’s son absolutely acted appropriately, and save his mother’s life and his own. Knowing how to use a firearm, and when to use it, seem to have been taught to this young man at some point, and he used that knowledge in a heroic and life-saving way.

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