Michigan State Police Tweet Disparaging CCW Holders Draws Fire

by Tommy Grant

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A Michigan State Police Public Information Officer has found himself in the hot seat after a tweet quoting him making disparaging remarks about concealed pistol license holders appeared in recent days. F/Lt. Mike Shaw, a public information officer (PIO), made a statement that reflected very poorly on his agency. The MSP Second District PIO reportedly said:’

Here is another example of a CPL holder not being able to handle their emotions because traffic was slowed due to a crash. This suspect lost their cool, grabbed an accessible hand gun and put others at risk. We are lucky he didn’t pull the trigger.

The reaction of the public has been swift and severely critical of Lt. Mike Shaw, whose name doesn’t appear in Michigan’s online public employee salary database.

One person asked MSP to provide statistics of crimes committed by CPL holders compared to crimes committed by police.

Another helpfully pointed out police spouses have a four times greater likelihood of domestic violence than the average spouse.

Others provided examples like these of alleged criminal misconduct by MSP officers.

But the really spicy replies came from Fenix Ammunition and Firearms Policy Coalition.

If this happened in a state run by a decent governor, Lt. Mike Shaw would find himself out of the Public Information Officer gig and put back on the road – if he was lucky. But given how Lt. Shaw works for the wretched Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, he’ll probably get a promotion and a raise for denigrating and disparaging the good people of Michigan to have carry licenses.

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