Mississippi Store Owner Won’t Be Charged for Shooting Knife Wielding Attacker

by Tommy Grant

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Police have determined no charges are warranted in a West Jackson, Miss., defensive shooting in which a man chased and attempted to attack the owner of Big Boy’s Convenient Store before the owner fired his handgun, killing the man.

Musa Ali Ghna told WLBT 3, said he has not been the same since the incident and, while he has dealt with violence before, he never had to defend himself to the point where he was forced to take another person’s life.

The man walked into the store, knife in hand and approached Ghna, whose back was turned toward the entrance.

“As soon as I looked at him, he just took the knife and chased me in the store…soon as he looked by the door, right there, the knife in his hand, telling me ‘I will kill you right now,’” Ghna said.

Ghna attempted to flee, but the man closed on him as the store owner made his way to the door.

“As soon as I saw the knife came up right there close to my stomach, I was trying to hit him with the gun, the gun right there popped up,” Ghna told the station.

The entire incident was captured on security camera video. Ghna can be seen pulling his gun as he gets to the door and turns around. The unidentified man swipes at him with the knife and Ghna can be seen aiming and firing a shot.

It was not the first time Ghna had dealt with the man. In fact, each of the previous three days, the man had come into the store throwing merchandise on the store and damaging property.

Police took Ghna in for questioning following the incident but realized him saying his defensive actions were clearly justified.

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