Multiple Gun Safe Models Recalled After 12-Year-Old Gains Access To Gun And Shoots Self

by Tommy Grant

A recent lawsuit has highlighted a tragic incident where a 12-year-old bypassed the biometric security of a Fortress Safe and tragically died from a gunshot. This is not an isolated case, with 39 other incidents reported where unauthorized fingerprints accessed these safes.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission notes that some owners might think they’ve set up the biometric feature correctly, but the safe remains in a default open mode.

Safe owners are now advised to disable the biometric function, remove the batteries, and rely solely on the key for locking.

For a free replacement safe, contact Fortress at 833-588-9181 or visit and select “Recall.”

Here are the 9 safe models being recalled:

  • 11B20 – Fortress Portable Safe with Biometric Lock
  • 44B10 – Fortress Personal Safe with Pop up door and Biometric Lock
  • 44B10L – Legend Range & Field Personal Safe with Pop up door and Biometric Lock
  • 44B20 – Fortress Medium Personal Safe with Biometric Lock
  • 55B20 – Fortress Quick Access Safe with Biometric Lock
  • 55B30 – Fortress Large Quick Access Safe with Biometric Lock
  • 55B30G – Gettysburg Large Quick Access Safe with Biometric Lock
  • 4BGGBP – Cabela’s 4 Gun Safe with Biometric Lock
  • 55B30BP – Cabela’s Biometric Personal Safe

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